The Service Welfare Office (SWO) was re-established by the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation in August 2017, to specifically implement Goal 4 and other related welfare issues in Goals 1 – 3 of the Federal Civil Service Strategic Implementation Plan 2017–2020. The Service Welfare Office has as its mandate:

·        To promote safe and convenient work environment, well-being, and provide basic support for Civil Servants.

·        To provide relevant pension information to retired Civil Servants and encourage the continued utilization of their expertise, in the Federal Civil Service.

The Office is made up of three (3) Departments, namely: Employee Relations and Welfare (ERW) Department, Federal Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) Department and Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) Department


·        To facilitate and regulate the provision of improved welfare services to Civil Servants across all MDAs in line with the Efficient, Productive, Incorruptible and Citizens-Centered (EPIC) Culture envisioned for the Service, by the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation.

·        To create sustainable interface with retirees of the Civil Service, institutionalize a post-retirement information system and build an environment where they can relate with each other as well as continue to contribute as partners in national development.



·        to enable improved access to acquisition of real estate property by Public Servants;

·        to formulate policies and initiatives that will improve the conditions of service, remuneration and compensation welfare and benefits of Civil Servants;

·        to promote and encourage social, cultural, recreation and sporting activities for the benefit of Public Servants;

·        to promote international best practices in work environment, occupational health and safety in the workplace;

·        to develop a post-retirement information system and provide a liaison for retirees of the Civil Service;

·        to prepare Civil Servants for retirement, mentally and financially, through retirement planning services; and

·        to retire Civil Servants with full grace and respect upon reaching retirement age through an efficient exit system.



… for the well-being of Civil Servants, by Civil Servants.



The functions of the Service Welfare Office are as follows:


·        to co-ordinate the Federal Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) programme;

·        to oversee the activities of the Federal Housing Loans Board;

·        to Initiate and Implement policies on Employee and Industrial Relations including Industrial Dispute Resolution;

·        to process matters related to gratuity, pensions and retirement benefits; to promote and regulate approved Service-wide welfare services, e.g. crèches, catering services, etc;

·        to administer Service-wide Employee Group Life Assurance;

·        to co-ordinate Transport and Utility Services;

·         to provide general guidelines for Service-wide issues on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment;

·        to oversee the activities of the Civil Service Clubs, Federation of Public Service Games (FEPSGA), and other Service-wide sporting activities;

·         to review employee complaints regarding work injury, medical refunds and work-related health hazard issues; and

·         to implement guidelines through sensitization workshops and ensuring adherence to environmental, health and safety regulations, principles and practices.


·        Repositioning the Federal Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) Programme for effective delivery;

·         Development and institutionalization of a robust Rewards and Recognition System in the Service;

·        Development and Institutionalization of a Welfare Policy for the Federal Public Service;

·         Institutionalization of an Interactive Forum with Labour titled The Permanent Secretary’s Quarterly Breakfast Meeting with Labour.

·         Annual meeting of the National Public Service Negotiating Councils (NPSNC) I, II &III

·         Annual meeting of the Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council (JNPSNC)

·        Implementation of the Group Life Assurance Scheme

·        Development and Institutionalization of an effective and efficient Exit Management System for retiring employees of the Federal Civil Service;

·         Re-invigoration of  the Federal Public Service Games (FEPSGA);

·        Renovation and rejuvenation of the Federal Civil Service Clubs nationwide;

·        Development and Institutionalization of Occupational Health and Safety and Emergency Management in the Public Service;

·         Development and institutionalization of a robust interventions programme for Civil Servants with special needs and staff living with disabilities;

·         Reactivation of an efficient Mass Transportation Scheme for the Service; and

·        Processing of Medical Refunds to deserving Officers, Service-Wide.