The Service Policies and Strategies Office is one of the five Offices that make up the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation; and is headed by a Permanent Secretary. The Office has the responsibility of development of policies and strategies for service-wide application to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness, transformation and improved service delivery.


 The mandate of the Office is as follows:-

           Management of all Service-wide Establishment Matters;

           Provision of Management Services to all Civil Servants;

           Coordination of the meetings of the National Council on Establishments;

           Custodian of Policies;

           Staff Auditing and Monitoring;

           Succession Planning;

           Setting and Monitoring standards to ensure quality control and adherence to extant rules and regulations Service- wide;

           Collaboration with all relevant Federal Executive Bodies on service matter;

           Conceptualization, execution and coordination of the implementation of reform initiatives service —wide; and

           Processing of the Annual Manpower Budget of Ministries, Departments and Extra-Ministerial Departments.



 The Service Policies and Strategies Office is structured into three Departments namely:

 i.     Organization Design and Development Department;

ii.   Civil Service Transformation Department; and

iii.    Leadership Management and Succession Planning Department.



 4.1       Organization Design and Development Department

The Department of Organization Design and Development ODD, which is made up of three divisions, namely Establishment and Workforce Planning, Job Design and Development and Organizational Design, has the following statutory functions:


 4.1.1    Manpower Budget Exercise:

 Manpower budgeting in the Federal Civil Service is one of the major responsibilities of the OHCSF. The exercise is undertaken annually to determine the optimum manning level of the Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Departments for effective attainment of their mandates.  


4.1.2    Processing Request for Waivers (to fill Vacancies in the MDAs)

It is mandatory for MDAs that seek to recruit additional personnel to fill existing vacancies derived from their current authorized establishment and approved organizational structure to obtain Waiver from the HOCSF. Such requests are appraised in line with the provisions of Circular Ref. No. HCSF/EPO 'EIR/RR/64303/T of 21st February, 2012 on procedure of filling vacancies in MDAs.


4.1.3    Clarification on Establishment Matters and Appropriate Placement in the Civil Service

Requests for clarification on Establishment matters are received from within and outside the Public Service of the Federation. Such requests arc examined and responded to in line within the provisions of extant Schemes of Service, Public Service Rules, and Establishment Circulars.


4.1.4    Regularization of First Appointment and Confirmation of Appointment

The Department is responsible for the regularization of First appointment and Confirmation of appointment of junior officers on GL 06 and below in the MDAs. The regularization exercise is carried out in line with the provisions of extant circular Ref. No. B00374/T/45 of 9th October, 2002.


4.1.5    Conduct of NCE Meetings

The National Council on Establishment (NCE) is a consultative body for the Governments of the Federation on matters pertaining to staff establishments, Salary Structures, Allowances, Grading, Conditions and Schemes of Service with a view to achieving some degree of uniformity in the Nigerian Civil Services. The NCE comprise Heads of Service of States with the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation as the Chairman.

 The meeting of the National Council on Establishments (NCE) holds in two segments, namely:-

 a)      Ministerial Meeting: - This meeting is attended by the Heads or" Service of all States in the Federation with the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation presiding.

 b)      The Meeting of Official: - the meeting is attended by permanent Secretaries and Directors responsible for Establishment matters in the Federal and State Civil Services. The Permanent Secretary, Service Polices and Strategies Office 'OHCSF) is the Chairman.


4.1.6    Review of the Public Service Rules

It is the duty of the Department to be reviewed every five years the Public Service Rules which is one of the reference documents used in the Civil Service in the custody of the OHCSF to reflect dynamism/realities in the Service in consonance with developments in Government Services in other climes.


4.1.7    Collation and Printing of Loose Circulars

 The Department is responsible for collating of circulars issued by MDAs mandated to issue service wide Circulars that  are in loose form and vulnerable to loss and mutilation due to replication on requests by civil Servants and the public into compendium in order to preserve these important documents.


 4.1.8    Other functions of the Department

The other functions of the Department include but not limited to the following:-

a. Designing, preparing and developing standards for all jobs in the Civil Service/Public Service, to ensure that every job justifies its assigned grade and pay;

b. Carrying out competency assessment of all jobs;

c. Determining through job specification what grade levels to assign to each job position;

d. Developing benchmarks which serve as guides to the application of factor ranking scales;

e. Preparing



 e.       Preparing and publishing occupational index or dictionary of occupations in the civil service;


f.       Monitoring and modifying job standards to reflect changes in jobs and the environment;


g.      Receiving and examining grading review/upgrading requests from ministries/extra ministerial departments;


h.      Timely reviewing of the entire Schemes of Service to meet the growing changes;


i.        Attending to referral cases received from National Council on Establishments (NCE) on the review of the Schemes of Service, creation of new cadres, withdrawal of cadres, enhancement of entry point, elongation, etc;


j.        Representing OHGSF at the meetings of both the National Council on Establishments (NCE; and the Public Service Negotiating Councils (PSNC)


k.      Definition and changing of organization structure;


l.        Ensuring compliance to approved organizational structure of MDAs;


m.    Drafting of circulars for service wide application on Establishment matters as the need may arise;


n.      Review and modification of the draft conditions of Service submitted by Government Parastatals and Agencies for ratification by the Head of Civil Service of the Federation;


Processing of requests/applications for ‘Leave of Absence without pay” on ground of Public Policy.